Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finished my fourth round of Chemo

The past week has been really busy, Started chemo on 6-27 ended on 7-1.. Took the kids to see transformers 3d They were excited it was there first time in a movie theater...They loved it Zandor shouted WOW AWSOME lol. Ive been really tired lately slugish.I miss bRyanna she is in tallahassee with her Aunt for a summer visit.Ive been bonding with the boys .Alex is still looking for a job Hope he gets one soon The savings from my ssi WE  have been living on is almost gone .Its so hard somedays. I would get a job if I could and then I think I have a fatal desease in my brain stem Money comes and goes we struggle we live but how long I get to spend with my family means more than a paycheck at this point.So im leaning on God to help us and Alex to get a job .I rested today just passed out while reading a book slept for almost 5 hrs WOW that felt nice..Im not sure what I spoke about inb my past blogs at this momet but I joined a 12 week live strong programe for cancer survivors at the YMCA ...im excited and scared..  Today for the 4th of july the kids watched awsome fireworks from the kitchen standing on chairs The bugs were bad out side. Cody and I hade fun Alex and Zandor wanted to play on there electronics grr ...Working on the kitchen organizing stuff Trying to help makejennifers life easier more organized Guess im trying to let her see I am here and I am trying to help her and all of us be more organized Hey having 6 kids in the house and 4 adults moving every direction the organization and clean ness takes some stress away ....Got The kids room done,my bathroom,my room,the pantry,kids cabinet,im wanting to help get all jennifers vision done rearange the livingroom and play room.  Ive been trying to eat better drink water not soda no snacking I have accomplished adding water to mmy diet take out once this month and ill be working on portion control.  O didnt know if I said how my dr appointment went but I was there at the moffitt june 23 rd I believe All is well I am stable tumor has not grown.Im feeling fast forward I just went and seen my Dr and I go next month for another MRI wow I still do my labs every 2 weeks But I cant stand the mri its to small and I freak out I have to take a few pills and keep my eyes closed ...Im looking at my boys atm Sleeping on my floor They have there own beds but they want to be close to me I just try not to step on them when i get up 4 or so times a night to pee..There my lil men I love them I hope they will always know that .. I got our vacation pictures printed up 300 of them including brees b day I need to get a photo album for the vacation pics ...This blog is everywhere  sorry just saying what comes to mind ....Jennifer made a lemon cake today She knows I like it .She should have been resting her back but she did it anyway :)   ..The boys played on the wii today Michael Jackson u have to dance like him  The kids did great they know them moves ....well im off to bed kids r sleeping and i just wanna snuggle with them ...gn

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