Monday, February 11, 2013

WOW its been forever dont know where to start  January I was diagnosed with a condition called Hydrocephalus  and had a vp shunt placed jan 9 2013 after that i  went into with drawls not having steroids found out i need to see a specialist to ween off them .  then i got celiulitious skin infection from surgury having to take antiobiotics.. Kids r doing well alex had to come home help out after surgury I dont drive atm my  choice dont have full strenght vision had doubled I recieved my wheel chair it helps alot I can finally be free out and about, I stayed with mom and tim after surgury while i was trying to regain my strenght.

Christmas was great kids got so much they had a blast got everything I think they wanted. Cody made ab honor roll just so proud of the kids they r doing the best they can with all this i know its hard on them.

not sure what else to say atm so ll write later

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